Hear from EUFMD expert Dan Anslow at Making Pharmaceuticals 2018

Serialisation Compliance EUFMD Track Trace Dan Anslow

Learn what clients are saying about achieving compliance with the European Falsified Medicines Directive.

Achieving compliance with EUFMD

During his talk, Dan will share a series of key insights based on the experiences he has witnessed with customers implementing solutions for Serialisation & Aggregation.

From Large Pharma to CMO, Dan has first-hand knowledge of the realities of achieving compliance for regulation on Track & Trace, in particular the EU Falsified Medicines Directive.

You can expect key takeaways to assist you to progress in your journey towards compliance, whether you have already chosen a vendor; are in the process of implementation; or have yet to select a vendor.

You can expect to learn

  • How to achieve compliance with the FMD in the remaining months until the deadline
  • Practical advice on key aspects of implementation that you should watch out for
  • How to truly embed Serialisation within your organisation 
  • Ensure your organisation retains compliance sustainably past 09 February 2019
  • How this project will really affect your organization
  • Our most Frequently Asked Questions from Clients and how we tackle their queries
  • Access to Dan's knowledge during the Q&A session

Expert in Serialisation, Aggregation and Track and Trace

Dan Anslow has spent the past 7 years working in the healthcare sector: firstly as a Marketing Director within the Medical Devices sector leading the safe and ethical introduction of new prosthesis into the orthopedic market and ensuring all products meet the highest patient safety standards; more recently as UK Sales and Marketing Manager within the Pharmaceutical sector supporting patient safety by promoting anti-counterfeiting and anti-contamination technology at Pharma packaging sites.

Dan's experience and customer relationships help him to understand the key challenges the industry faces when complying with complex Serialisation (product Track and trace) regulations, including the EUFMD and DSCSA. 

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