NSAI Awards Excellence Through People Gold Certification to Crest Solutions

NSAI Awards Serialisation Provider Crest Solutions Gold Excellence Through People Certification

Crest Solutions Achieves NSAI Excellence Through People Gold Certification 

The Excellence Through People scheme guides many of Ireland’s most successful organisations to become more efficient, productive, flexible, competitive and innovative, through the development of great people.

Cork-based Crest Solutions has been awarded Gold certification in Excellence Through People

Excellence Through People is a scheme designed to help improve organisations and ensure they reach their full potential by engaging their workforce in their transformational journey. By better engaging with employees and giving an effective framework for all aspects of people management, companies achieve growth as team members understand their role in the organisation’s greater vision and purpose, and realise how they form part of that vision.

Crest Solutions, a Vision, Serialisation and Managed Services provider installs Track & Trace systems for the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies who must achieve compliance with regulations such as the European Falsified Medicines Directive (EU FMD, deadline 09 February 2019). In addition to leading technology from Italian company Antares Vision, Crest Solutions is also a full-service provider, offering training, support and a full lifecycle approach to customer partnering.

Impact of People in Crest Solutions

Frank Madden, CEO and former Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist said, 

“Our people are key to our success in securing the pharmaceutical supply chain globally. It all begins and ends with having a team of people who are skilled at what they do, and feel empowered to complete work that can be directly linked to global impact.”

Crest Solutions HR Manager, Gráinne Hegarty said,

“NSAI’s ETP programme is a globally recognised standard for those companies that value and prioritise their people: from their learning and development and their day-to-day work environments, to helping them to realise ideas from conception to implementation.

Our people have always been central to the work that we do, so to have achieved global recognition from the NSAI in this area is a massive achievement for us.

Quality in all areas of the business

We hold NSAI certification for other key areas of our business such as Quality and Operations, so why not for our people? I would highly recommend the programme to other companies. We work on the basis that technology can be replicated but great people cannot – this is why we view this certification as foundational to recognising our success.”

The certification is just the beginning for Crest Solutions and its team members. A yearly cycle of re-evaluation presents a structured framework in which the company intends to achieve even more in the way of empowering its people to play key roles in the strategic growth of the company. 

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