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Embedded engineer service

Our people empowering you
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GMP engineering specialists

Our engineers form part of a Managed Services team that has specialised for 20 years in GMP pharma and medical device facilities in Ireland, UK, Europe and the U.S. Our delivery of validated projects in serialisation, automation, manufacturing, packaging and QC labs is aligned with our customers business priorities.

Enabling Production, Protecting Patients

Crest Solutions are trusted by world class manufacturers in pharma, biologics, infant nutrition and medical devices manufacturing to be their partner for embedded engineering services. Here's why they recommend Crest Solutions to you.

  • Specialists in regulated industries for over 20 years
  • Committed to employee retention & development
  • Empowering you to focus on your core business
  • From single engineer to full production function outsourcing models
Crest Solutions embedded engineers solutions for pharma

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Do you require embedded resources to bolster teams working on automation, CSV/Data Integrity or quality products? Are you searching for a proven partner for delivery of embedded resources? Contact Conor O'Kelly at + 353-21-4524767 or conor.okelly@crestsolutions.ie to discuss your requirements today.